Facebook-WhatsApp will not need a phone to scan, the song will change as soon as the pupils turn, learn how

Just think, how easy it will be to change the song playing on the smartphone in the future, as easy as turning the pupils. If you do not have to bother to move the fingers on the smartphone to monitor the calendar and do tasks like crawling Facebook-WhatsApp, then life will be easy.

‘Mojo Vision’ is determined to prove the truth of what appears to be the scene of a science-fantasy film. The company is making a smart contact lens called ‘Mojo Lens’, which will turn the eyes into a smartphone screen.

According to the manufacturers ‘mojo lens’ will reduce people’s dependence on the screen. People will not have to operate a smartphone, from changing songs to watching photo-videos and rinsing social media feeds.

All these tasks will be possible by just rotating the pupils from right to left. The giants of Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are involved in the manufacture of this smart lens. Mike Weimer, chief tech officer of ‘Mojo Vision’, says our lens will not make any changes to the look, gait, or gesture of the user. In this, the right size sensors have been placed at the right place, which allows the use of an app based on the screen based on the movement of the eyes, keeping the original behavior.

Ink pen
According to Weimar, ‘Mojo Lens’ has a screen equal to the tip of the ink pen (ink pen). It is the smallest and modern screen till now, on which extremely high resolution pictures and videos can also be viewed.



Energy will be available from equipment like clock
The ‘Mojo Lens’ will introduce the user to the experience found on a virtual reality (VR) headset, without the side effects like headaches or heaviness. A watch-shaped device worn on the wrist will kill it.

Very easy to use
According to Weimar, when the user sees the front, he will not see the mobile screen. But when the pupils rotate from right to left, all the apps will be exposed. There will be an arrow sign next to each app, on which the details of it will be visible after staring. For example, if the user sees the ‘arrow’ provided with the calendar for a few seconds, then the day-long programs recorded in it start appearing. Similarly, keeping an eye on the Weather app, a three-day weather forecast is known.

Gift for the blind
Weimer said that the ‘Mojo lens’ would be completely safe. It will be transplanted directly over the cornea (the white part of the eye that protects the pupils). It will also allow the use of smartphones for low light people and the blind.




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