Ever had the first income of 75 rupees and today do not talk below crores, live life like kings


Say Dambag Khan, say Bhaijaan or Salman Khan. Due to his strong acting, Salman has given many hit films and now his name rings in Bollywood. His films earn crores of rupees and also leave a distinct impression in the hearts of the viewers. For more than 22 years, Salman Khan has been ruling the Bollywood industry and leading a luxury life. Everyone wants to know how Salman’s lifestyle is. So let us tell you about it.

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Actually, even at the age of 55, Salman does everything he needs to keep himself fit. In an interview to the media, Salman had told that earlier they used to eat everything, but now they only eat healthy food so that they do not gain weight. Talking about Salman Khan’s favorite dish, he likes to eat Rajma rice and chicken biryani. In addition, he also likes kebabs and modak food.

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Salman takes out the white part of the four eggs and low fat milk in the morning breakfast. At the same time, they like to eat fried fish, mutton, fruits and salad in lunch. While at dinner they only eat fish, chicken, soup and boiled vegetables.

Salman Khan earns through films, brand promotion, advertising, investment, social media. Salman’s own brand is Being Human and he is also the brand ambassador of several other brands, for which he charges eight to 10 crores.

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According to media reports, Salman Khan charges up to Rs 60 crore for a film. But for many films he has received even more fees.



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