Dry Eye Disease can have negative effects on physical, mental health and vision


A new study from the University of Southampton reported that patients with symptoms of dry eye disease have a lower quality of life without symptoms.

Patients with dry eye disease not only have vision problems, but new research shows how it can negatively affect physical health and mental health. Studies show that these patients have lower quality of life without symptoms.

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The findings showed that patients with the condition reported negative effects on their ability to complete visual function, their daily activities, and their work productivity. Dry eye disease is a common condition and is a frequent cause of medical care for patients. It can affect people of any age but is most prevalent among women and older people.

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Symptoms include eye irritation and redness, blurred vision, and nervous sensation in the eye. Results showed that a high proportion of participants in the study with dry eye disease had problems with mobility and experienced greater difficulties in their day-to-day activities than patients without the condition. Surveys also showed that he was suffering from anxiety and depression. People with the most severe symptoms were more likely to experience negative effects on their social and emotional functioning as well as work productivity.

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