Do not make these mistakes in applying conditioner, otherwise it will cause hair loss


Most people use conditioner to make hair silky and smooth. But if the conditioner is not applied properly in the hair, then there is a fear of damage to the hair. So let us know what mistakes most people repeat while applying conditioner.

Take care of the right amount
Conditioning the hair gives them nourishment, but we often make a mistake while applying conditioner. Usually we apply a large amount of conditioner which is not correct. According to experts, the amount of conditioner should neither be reduced nor too much. Applying a large amount of conditioner causes stickiness in the hair, which causes dust and dirt to come from outside and start sticking. Therefore, a limited amount of hair conditioner should be used.

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Do not plant directly at the roots
The mistake we make the most when applying conditioner is to apply it to the hair roots. Experts related to skin say that applying conditioner from the middle part of the hair to the tip is right. Use oil to strengthen the roots and eliminate dryness. Applying conditioner to roots does not provide any benefit.

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How long leave it
The question that comes to the mind of the people most is that how long should the conditioner be kept in place? Leave it for a while after applying the conditioner, so that the hair gets enough moisture from them and then wash the hair with cold water. Many people do not wash hair after applying conditioner, while some people wash it after applying it, both of these methods are wrong.

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