Do not make these mistakes before sleeping, face can be bad


Stains, pimples, blackheads on the face are extremely annoying, so pay attention to some of your habits. Habits mean things like not cleaning the face properly, sleeping at night with makeup, consuming oily and junk food. So different types of facepacks and home remedies are effective to keep the skin healthy, but there are other things that you need to know about. So that your skin will remain bright and stay away from all kinds of troubles.

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Frequent skin wash

If you also wash your skin frequently, then your skin starts becoming dry and lifeless in a few days. If you use face wash or soap to wash the skin again and again, your skin can be damaged. This causes the natural luster to lose. In such a situation, wash the skin according to the need.

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Do not moisturize lips

Many times people forget to take care of the lips along with facial care or give little attention to the lips. Because of this, lips begin to appear dry and lifeless. The skin of the lips is thin and it also needs special care. In such a situation, do not forget to use moisturizer on your lips at night.

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Use pillows

Yes, you must be thinking what is the relation of the pillow with the skin. At night, the oil and hair coming out of the face fall on the pillow itself, due to which bacteria starts to grow on the pillow. If you use this pillow continuously for several days, it can cause pimples on your skin as well as may cause many more problems.



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