Definitely do this remedy on Saturday evening, luck will change


The seven days of the week have different significance. But Saturday is such a day that the remedy taken in the night of this day shows the most effect. This starts turning you into bad luck, good luck. Now if you are not getting some work or your luck is not supporting you or your lover is not getting attracted towards you, then you must try Saturday night tricks ….

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1. Take a red silk thread and cut it equal to its length. Keep in mind that this thread is red and if it is kept in a puja temple in the house a few days ago, then it is best. When the thread is cut equal to its length, wash it and wrap the mango leaves. After that chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, flow it into the flowing water of the clear river.

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2. Have a bread on Saturday evening. First put that bread in front of you, wish your wish to be fulfilled. Keep in mind that when you are expressing your wish, the roti is in front of you in a clean utensil. After this, feed this roti to a black dog or black cow. All your bad works will start happening.

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3. On Saturday evening, you must worship Hanuman. On this day, a person who recites Hanumanchalisa and especially recites Sundara Kanda, his fate is revealed. You should recite Hanuman Chalisa at least 11 times on Saturday evening first and after that if you come and give 11 Hanuman Chalisa to your knowledgeable people then you make a fortune like Raja Yoga.



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