Dear Boys! These mistakes in the skin care routine cause poor personality


In changing times, boys are also taking care of their skin more than before, because not only does your skin look glowing, but it also makes your personality look good. Boys usually make many minor mistakes during skin care. Men’s facial skin is slightly stiffer than women, so men should follow a skin care routine according to their skin quality. Come, let’s know some tips-

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-The face skin is very sensitive and needs special care, so the same soap should not be applied on the body and face. Use a natural face wash instead of a chemical face wash. It is chemical free and removes the bacteria and dirt that damages your skin.

-For shaving with strong foaming shave cream can irritate your skin, so use lotion shaving cream. Applying good quality shaving cream will not make your skin red and irritate. Apply alcohol free after shaving after shaving.

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-Rosana Wash face twice with face wash and also apply moisturizer after face wash to keep the skin smooth.
Be sure to apply a sunscreen cream containing SPF 15 or more, such as SPF 20 or 30, before venturing into the hot sun to avoid sunburn.



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