Create your new style with these outfits on Holi


There is a trend of wearing traditional dresses on Holi, but if you want to do an experiment with this Holi look, then wearing a twist to traditional dresses and teaming up a few outfits will be a unique combination. In such a situation, we are adjusting you with some fusion-looking outfits –

Tieup towser
There is a tremendous craze of tieup tusers, in such a situation you can look stylish with colorful tieup tusers. The most important thing is that you can carry this look casually along with the office.

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Pleated dress or skirt
Pleated skirt is very comfortable to wear and gives you a classy look. You can wear a pleated skirt with a shirt as well, while going on a trip, you can wear it with a t-shirt as well.

Strip dress
The striped dress was previously considered the best for the office look, but in the changing times, the strip dress was also carried with denim short. This year, this fashion trend became quite popular among the people.

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Sequen saree
We are talking about dresses and not talking about sequin sarees, how can this happen. In such a situation, you can try a sequin sari at a party. It looks quite beautiful.



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