‘Couple Goals’ are pictures of Shefali and Parag Holi, people say ‘beauty and the beast’


In B-town, the pair of Shefali and Parag are also considered quite different. While the thorn-clad girl looks very delicate, the pollen remains in the discussion about her body and personality. Many times, on Shaifali’s post, the fans have been seen commenting on Parag that they are very lucky to have got a wife like Shefali but the love between Parag and Shefali is getting deeper and more fashionable by the day and fashion When it comes to both, they are always updated.

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The happiness of colors is on the white
Like every Bollywood celebrity, Parag and Shefali have also chosen white dresses for Holi. Pollen has worn white tshirts as well as shorts of the same color. On the other hand, Shefali is wearing a loose patterned shorts with white cropped top. Both are posing together smiling, showing very good.

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Shefali’s makeup love is clearly visible
Shefali’s makeup is also evident in this avatar of love Holi. While the yellow and orange color is visible on the face of pollen, the light yellow and pink color is visible on the face of Shefali. The earrings are wearing earrings, while the pollen is wearing a ring in his hand. The lips have a dark pink color lipshade.

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Maldives has returned after wandering
Shefali and Prayag had just gone to Maldives, from where both of them have posted more than one picture on social media. Shefali is seen in bikini photos where she is on fire. At the same time, he has also shared a very personal picture with Parag, in which both are posing in the bathtub.



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