Chinese wants healthy option in dishes, so try this method of making vegetable chips


Most people love Chinese dishes very much. Choumin, Hakka Noodles, Manchurian, Momos are more preferred in Chinese dish but if you are looking for a little healthy option in Chinese, then you can try Vegetable Chopsy-

Ingredients for making Vegetable Chopsy-
– 1/2 cup carrots
-1 cup cabbage
– 1/2 cup capsicum
– 1/2 cup chopped onion
-2 garlic finely chopped
-2 tbsp oil
-200 gram noodles
-2 tbsp vinegar
-1/2 soy sauce
-1 tsp sugar
-Custom salt
-2 cup cornflower
-Oil to grease

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How to make Vegetable Chopsy-
To make vegetable chopsi, first prepare the mixture by adding vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, salt, cornflower and a cup of water. Now heat 2 tbsp oil and add onion and garlic to it. Fry the onion-garlic till they become soft. Add carrots, cabbage and capsicum to it and fry them for a minute on high heat. Now put the prepared mixture in it and let it cook. Keep it aside while constantly stirring. Take out the noodles in a serving dish and serve them with vegetable.

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