Boy underwent surgery to look like snake, spent Rs 14 lakh

There are many people all over the world who make thousands of efforts to look beautiful. Some consider themselves beautiful after wearing colorful clothes, while some consider themselves beautiful after doing makeup. In this way, people make themselves beautiful with many efforts. In this sequence, today we are going to tell you about a young man who has undergone surgery to make himself look like a snake. We are talking about 30-year-old Joshua Burns from Canada.

Joshua Burns has undergone surgery to look like his pet snake. He has become a real-life dragon. They have changed everything from their skin to the tongue. According to the news, Joshua has found colored blocks on his skin and has set his tongue in purple. He also cut his ears and became sharp. He has also grown a silicon horn on the forehead.



In today’s time, everyone is scared to see this snake-man. Joshua Burns also has a tattoo on his back for 51 hours to make him look like a snake. Wanting to look like a snake, Joshua has spent around Rs 14 lakh so far. Not only this but his girlfriend Tristan has no problem with Joshua’s new look. She wants Joshua Burns to change her appearance in this way.




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