Applying more perfume can cause serious illness like cancer


We use all kinds of broad perfumes to avoid summer sweat and body odor. Over time, different perfumes for women and men have also started selling in the market. Its one-two sprays not only removes the smell coming from the body, as well as you do not have to be ashamed due to bad odor while meeting others. But do you know how harmful dios and perfumes sold in the market can be for your health? According to experts, there are many chemicals found in these perfumes that can make you a victim of serious diseases like cancer. Let’s know why these perfumes which give fragrance are so dangerous for us?

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Why are they so harmful
Experts say that in order to make perfume and retain its fragrance for a long time, companies use a variety of chemicals that we can be exposed to until they are exposed to serious health-related diseases. Many types of synthetic are also added to these perfumes and dios which can cause great harm to the skin. Now think how much harm you are suffering from the perfume you are using two to four times a day.

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What could be the problems?
It is common to have hormonal imbalances and skin allergies to the chemicals used in perfumes. You will also feel irritation on contact with these chemicals from the skin. Some chemicals are so dangerous due to which you may have serious diseases like skin rashes, infertility and cancer.

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Which chemicals are used the most
According to experts, chemicals like phthalates, musk ketones and formaldehyde are used in perfumes. The use of phthalates has been banned by many countries. This causes difficulty in concentrating, brain developmental problems as well as fear of diseases related to the nervous system. Apart from this, the musk ketone dissolves easily in the tissues and breast milk, which makes the newborn at risk of many diseases.



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