Akanksha Puri and Mika Singh got married! , Video is going viral


A video of Punjabi singer Micah Singh and actress Akanksha Puri is currently making a splash on social media. You can see that this video has been shared by Akanksha himself on his social media. After watching this video, fans of both are speculating that both have got married and fans are now congratulating them both. As you can see in this video, both are seen sitting in the gurudwara. In it, Akanksha Puri and singer Micah Singh are listening to Ardas sitting in the gurudwara.

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At the same time, in the caption of this video, Akanksha wrote, ‘Taking blessings.’ As you can see in this video, Akanksha also tagged Micah. By the way, in the caption of this video, Akanksha has also created an emoji of the heart. Looking at all this, it seems like both of them have got married. By the way, at the end of the video, it is also written – ‘Feeling Blessed.’ In this video, Micah is wearing a white shirt and Akanksha is wearing a red and gray color suit. Now the fans of both are speculating that after watching this video, both of them got married, although both have not done anything official yet.

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Watching this video, some fans say that the video belongs to one of their albums during the shoot, or they prank both. If you remember, another photo of Micah and Akanksha was viral on social media recently, in which Akanksha was seen sitting on the lap of singer Micah. During that time, the actress shared a good night message to fans while sharing a photo on Instagram Story. By the way, now it will have to be seen whether the two actually get married or not.

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