Thursday, February 25, 2021

After clicking selfie, she pushed the pregnant wife from the height of thousand feet, the reason will be shocked

In Turkey, a man is in controversy following the death of his wife. The man is alleged to have clicked a selfie with his wife on the first holiday and then threw his pregnant wife below a height of 1000 feet. Seven months pregnant, the woman and her unborn child have died. 40-year-old Hakan Iseel and 32-year-old Semra Iseel went on vacation in the Turkish city of Mugla. A pair of ice was present near a 1000-foot-high cliff near Butterfly Valley.

In this case, the prosecutor has claimed that this person planned to kill his wife. He had previously undergone personal accident insurance on behalf of his wife, which was about £ 40,000 and had also claimed payment of £ 40,000 after the incident, but the claim was turned down when it was discovered that The matter is under investigation.

The prosecution also claimed that the couple had been sitting on this high hill for only three hours, as Hakan wanted to make sure that no one was near them and as soon as he felt he had none, he pushed. Gave and killed his wife. In this case, the woman’s brother said that when we went to get the body of Semra’s Forensic Medicine Institute, her husband was sitting in the car. Our entire family was shocked after this incident but there was no shame on Hakan’s face.


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