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A poison that you are eating daily with a hobby, know its health risks

It is common in Indian homes to have breakfast made with refined flour like kachori, mathri, salt pare, samosas etc. All this has been happening since old times, but now it has been replaced by pizza and bread. But the thing is the same, we used to eat maida earlier and still eat it today. Suppose most of the food made with fine flour is very tasty like- rumali roti, naan, cake, pastry, baked food like biscuits, namkeen, pasta, noodles, samosas… this list is never going to end!

Flour is found in all junk food. It is widely used in hotels, homes, street food and bakeries everywhere. While we know that maida (white flour) or products made from it are harmful to our health. But exactly why this is bad or how much it can hurt us is not known to many of us.

Let us know why maida is harmful for health:

Things made with refined flour make our stomach feel full for a long time. Because it only contains calories. Flour is finely ground to make a fine flour and in this process good bacteria and bran present in it are removed.

Therefore, foods made from fine flour use nutrients present in the body to digest. Due to which, the reserves of vitamins and minerals are reduced in the body. Wheat, in its refined form, is harmful to the body, as it can not only make you fat, but also invites many diseases.



Also, in the process of making foods made from fine flour and preserves for a long time, many harmful toxins are added, which are even more harmful for the body such as:

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a bleaching agent, using which the flour is painted white. Benzoyl peroxide is a harmful chemical that is added for use in teeth whitening products and hair dye. In its concentrated form, it can be quite explosive.

2. Alloxan

Another chemical, alloxan, is also added to provide a smooth texture to the flour. Animal testing has indicated that alloxan may destroy the beta cells of the pancreas, resulting in type 2 diabetes.

3. Benzoic Acid

Flax contains hazardous chemicals such as benzoic acid and sodium meta bi-sulfate, which can be a profound risk factor, especially for children and pregnant women.

If you are also taking a diet made of flour everyday, then you may have to take these health risks

1. Risk of obesity

The glycemic index of maida is very high, around 71. This means that it has twice the amount of calories than other foods. Therefore, eating it can increase the amount of calories in the body. By eating more calories, the cells of the body can get more glucose than necessary, which gets stored as fat, which leads to rapid weight gain.




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