8-month-old tiger ejects birds and monkey sounds, video viral

The roar of the tiger is such that the entire forest resonates. Hearing the voice of the tiger, everyone’s senses fly away and the best people get entangled. Now a tiger is in discussion on social media these days. This tiger is making headlines due to its strange sounds. The style of this tiger is completely different from the rest of the tigers. By the way, this tiger is special because it is roaring as well as the sound of monkeys and sparrow. This video is from Lesnaya Szeczka Zu of Barnaul. It is becoming increasingly viral at the moment.

The tiger you see in this video is 8 months in total. This tiger is seen making sounds of birds and monkeys. Due to his artistry, he has become a cause of interest to the people. Everyone is talking about it right now. According to a report, this tiger makes different voices to attract his mother’s attention. It is not yet clear where this tiger learned to make sounds of monkeys and birds. According to Xu, this tiger makes such sounds right from birth.



Currently, this video has been shared by Siberian Times on Twitter. Now, this video is becoming increasingly viral at the moment. As you can see in this video the tiger is making many kinds of sounds. By the way, whoever is watching this video at the moment, does not understand how Tiger is doing. Xu himself has confirmed the video to be original, and states that ‘the high voice of this tiger has not been designed.’




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