5 Extremely Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Head Lice


Head lice are small insects that live in the human head and feed on blood from the skull. Head lice is a very common problem that leads to itching and burning. While children are the ones who are most affected by the issue, sometimes adults can also catch head lice from various sources. Head lice spread very easily by sharing clothing or accessories because these small wingless insects occur when crawling too, lice or lice eggs are attached to the shed hair hatch and are found on shared clothing or accessories . Getting rid of hair lice is not easy, but regular use of these home remedies can help you.

White vinegar

White vinegar is found in most every household and this particular liquid is a powerful lice killer because it is acetic acid.


Begin by mixing white vinegar and water evenly in a bowl. Take cups or both liquids and mix.
Tangle your hair and then wet it completely with the scalp in the solution.
Now cover your head with towels or shower cap. Leave it for 2 hours.
Now, comb your hair again, but this time by dipping your comb in white vinegar. Leave for another 2 hours and wash using shampoo as usual.

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Repeat the process every week for better results.
Mayonnaise is a thick paste that can help free your or your child’s head from lice. It is used to suppress lice in the head and kill them all.


Depending on the length of the hair, take 3-4 tablespoons full of mayonnaise. You want to thoroughly coat your scalp and hair thoroughly with mayonnaise.
Once done, cover using a shower cap or towel. Leave the lice to dry and suffocate overnight.
Shampoo normally and comb the dead lice in the morning.
Repeat this process every 3 days of the week.

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coconut oil

Coconut oil found in every home works as a wonderful medicine for skin and health. In addition, multipurpose oil prevents the infestation of lice.


One hour before, wash your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. Mix water and vinegar evenly in a cup and wash.
Allow your hair to dry naturally, then wash the scalp and hair completely with coconut oil. Wear a shower cap or towel overnight.
Comb your hair in the morning and then use shampoo as usual.
Stick with this routine every night for a week.

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Petroleum jelly is a multipurpose product found on the shelves of every household. People use it to hydrate their skin, but did you know that you can also use it to kill head lice!

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Completely coat your hair and scalp with petroleum jelly. Do this process before going to bed.
Cover your head at night using a towel or head cap.
The next morning apply baby oil to remove petroleum jelly. Comb to shift lice.
Follow this process for a week for maximum effect.
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An extremely common ingredient, salt can help you win the battle against these small headed parasites.


Mix 2 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of salt in a bowl. Wet your hair using the solution.
Wear a shower cap for 2-3 hours and wash your hair normally using shampoo.
Repeat this process every 3 days for best results.



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