The pigeon was sitting outside in the scorching heat, the child climbed on the balcony and fed the water with a spoon.


A heart touching video is becoming viral on social media. It is often said that animals should help and feed them. A small child did just that. The lovely pigeon was sitting outside in the summer. The children brought water in the spoon and started feeding from the balcony. Indian forest officer Sushant Nanda has shared this video, which is being liked a lot.

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It can be seen in the video that a pigeon was sitting outside the balcony. Seeing him sitting outside in the scorching heat, the child’s heart became irritated and brought water for him from inside. He took the water in the spoon and took his hand out of the balcony and started feeding. The pigeon drank water until the thirst quenched. While sharing the video, IFS officer Sushant Nanda wrote in the caption, ‘Daya and Vishwas are co-brothers. God bless the child. ‘

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He shared this video on the morning of April 7, which has had more than 8 thousand views so far. Also, more than 1800 likes and more than 200 re-tweets have been done. People are praising the child very much. In the comment section, users have given such reactions …



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