The most frightening figure of 2021, 81 thousand corona cases in one day, 469 deaths


New Delhi: The second wave of corona infections in the country is growing rapidly. In newly reported cases, all records are broken every day. In the case of April, this year looks like the previous year like September-October. For the first time in the country in six months, more than 81,000 new Corona cases have been reported. More than 50,000 Corona cases have been reported continuously since March 24.

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According to the latest Health Ministry report, 81,466 new corona cases have been reported and 469 people have died in the last 24 hours. However, 50,356 people have also been recovered from Corona. Earlier, on October 1, there were 81,484 cases. There was a time when the corona infection in the country began to subside. On February 1 this year, 8,635 new Corona cases were reported. This number of corona cases was the lowest on a single day this year. A total of 2459 lakh samples have been tested for the corona virus in the country so far, of which 11 lakh samples were tested yesterday.

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Every day, the highest number of corona infection cases are coming in the country and most deaths are also happening here. There were 43,183 new cases of corona virus infection in Maharashtra yesterday. Since the onset of the epidemic, the state has reported the most number of cases a day. With the infection and the deaths of 249 patients, the total death toll from the epidemic in the diocese rose to 54,898.

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