Telangana Governor inaugurates Annam canteen at Raj Bhavan, has breakfast with students


Hyderabad: Governor Dr. Tamilaisai Soundarajan inaugurated the Annam canteen at Raj Bhavan Community Hall. During this time, the governor sat with the students and had breakfast. This canteen provides free breakfast to school students and cleaning staff every day. The responsibility of free breakfast was handled by Mr. Satyasai Shiva Committee. It was proposed by the Governor, which was taken over by the Sai Shiva Committee.

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The governor and her husband, the famous nephrologist Drs. P. Soundarajan has served breakfast to students and sanitary workers with his bare hands. At the same time, students and sanitary staff praised the goodwill of the governor and her husband. The Governor took full stock of the canteen and took stock of the facilities. During this time, the Governor spoke to the students and the cleaning staff. He asked about the quality of breakfast. At this time, students need a meal that is educative for the overall development of the students.

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At the same time, schoolchildren and workers also praised the governor and said that he considered her as a mother and a doctor. The governor said that some foods in the children’s food boxes are not good for their health. The students should be given food containing vitamins and minerals. He congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on starting a scheme to provide food to children.

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