PM Modi gave special tips to students, said- don’t take stress, exam is not the last point of life


New Delhi: PM Modi interacted with 14 lakh registered students, parents and teachers across the country through video conferencing in his popular program ‘Discussion on Exam’ 2021. Students, teachers and parents asked questions to Modi sir in digital mode. Responding to the questions, PM Modi said, “Do not stress on the exam. Do not be afraid of the exam. Parents should not pressurize the children about the exam. Children have to be comfortable and relaxed.”

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PM Modi made several important suggestions in his program on the stress of annual and board examinations for students from 9th to 12th grade in senior classes in schools across the country. Responding to a parent’s question, PM Modi said, “Parents should see how much impact your thought behavior is having on children. To motivate children to live up to the values ​​given by them Try. Children learn from your conduct. ”

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PM Modi also gave a task to the children at the end of the program. PM Modi said that after the end of the examinations, our independence should be a project on the contribution of those great men in their 75th year. Seek guidance from your elders and teachers. On the tips sought by another parent for measures to motivate children, PM Modi said, “Children are very active. We should evaluate ourselves even after we grow up. We create a social structure and children. Let’s try to get into it. We consider children. Tools intentionally or unknowingly. The way to encourage children is to resort to good books, movies, or good poetry for training. ”

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