PM Modi addresses public meeting in Assam


Election campaigning is going on for the Assam assembly elections. Now today Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an election meeting in Tamulpur in Baksa district. During this, he said, ‘The Congress also kept the allies working in the tea plantation in trouble for a long time. The NDA government has done maximum work for the people working in the tea garden. Yes, there are 126 seats in the Assam Legislative Assembly and voting is to be held in three phases. Let us know that the election results are going to be declared on May 2.

In fact, PM Modi said here, ‘On the basis of my political experience, the love of the people, the strength of the blessings of the people, I say that once again you have decided to form the NDA government in Assam. NDA’s double engine government has given double benefit to the people of Assam in the last five years. Connectivity is increasing here due to the development in Assam. Ongoing development in Assam is making the lives of people and women easier here. Development in Assam is creating new opportunities here, increasing opportunities for the youth. ‘Along with this, he also said,’ Whenever we make a plan, we make it for everyone. We work hard to provide the benefits of that scheme to people of all walks of life, to all classes, without discrimination, without prejudice. During this, the PM said in his address, ‘Some things are going wrong in the country, if we discriminate in the society, if you cut the society and give something for your vote bank, then see the misfortune, it is called secularism . country. But, if they work for all, give to all without discrimination, they say that they are communal. This game of secularism-communism has done a lot of damage to the country. We are hard working people, people who work day and night to serve the society, people who work honestly for development ‘.

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He further said, ‘The poor are getting pucca houses, then the poor of every class and every tribe. Everybody got toilets even without discrimination. Everybody got a gas connection without discrimination. The NDA government believes that the development of the people of any region is not with discrimination but with harmony. The result of this goodwill is that after a long wait, we were able to reach the historic Bodo Accord. We all attempted to wipe the tears of many mothers to relieve the suffering of many sisters.

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Narendra Modi took this point further, saying, ‘For the first time a government is working on 100 districts, which were lagging behind in the race for development under the’ Aspirational Districts’ program. These districts now want development and 7 districts of Assam are included in this program. I assure mothers and sisters here that we will continue to fulfill your son’s dreams. Your children do not have to carry guns, they do not have to spend their lives in the jungles, they do not have to fall prey to anyone’s bullet because the NDA government is committed.

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