Lover in front of the family filled the demand of girlfriend, then …


New Delhi. In Ballia, the lover reached the temple as soon as the news of his girlfriend’s marriage was decided with someone else. He grabbed the girl’s hand in a packed atmosphere and brought it out. He took vows of living and dying together. After this, he filled the girl’s demand. Seeing this, there was panic. Unknown people started beating the lover due to their relationship. Livid with this, the girlfriend opened all the secrets. After this, the love story got a happy ending with the consent of the family members. Lovers and lovers became friends.

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The wedding of the girl of a village in Bansdih Kotwali area was decided by the relatives. On Monday, people from the groom’s side reached the temple to see him. There was a huge gathering of relatives and relatives from both sides. The conversation was going on that the girl’s lover reached the temple in filmy style. He grabbed the girl’s hand in a packed meeting. He came out with her and started eating vows of living and dying with her. She brought the girl’s demand from Sindoor with her.

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Seeing all this, the girl’s family fell on her lover. Loving girlfriend beaten up by lover, revealed all secrets. After knowing everything, both sides became calm. Meanwhile, the girl side called and called the family of the lover. There was a panchayat between the families of both of them. In this, lovers and lovers were not ready to separate from each other. In the end, after the consent of his family, the lover made sindoor in the demand of girlfriend and made seven rounds. In this regard, SO RS Nagar says that both parties got married with consent.

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