Kidnappers killed the innocent if the place was not kept after kidnapping, a biscuit was found in the dead body


A four-year-old kidnapped from Gulistanpur in Surajpur Kotwali area of ​​Greater Noida was killed. Police arrested an accused 21 days after the kidnapping and disclosed the case. The two youths living in the neighborhood kidnapped the child on January 24 for ransom.

There was no place to keep the child after the kidnapping, so he strangled and hid the body near the swamp on the same day. Police have recovered the body of the child on the spot of the accused. A piece of biscuit has also been implicated in the child’s hand. There is a possibility that the child was killed while he was eating a biscuit.

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DCP Rajesh Kumar Singh said that Brahmadatta, originally a resident of Saharsa district of Bihar, lives in Gulistanpur with a room for rent. On 24 January, his younger son Hrithik was kidnapped from outside the house. Police were looking for the child after registering a case on the complaint.

During the investigation, the police came to know that Anil and Vijay, residents of Ular village of Sorich police station area of ​​Kannauj, who lived in the neighborhood of Brahmadatta, were missing since the incident about a month ago. The family members of the child said that when asked by his wife at Vijay’s house, he expressed ignorance. During this time some pieces of marble were also found from his house. Hrithik used to play these pieces very often. A few days after the incident, the wife of the accused also went missing. On Saturday, the police arrested Anil.

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Anil told that he along with his partner Vijay kidnapped the child. He was about to demand a ransom after the kidnapping, but the relatives complained to the police. Police became active after the complaint. There was no place to keep the child, so due to fear, they strangled him on the same day and threw the body of the child in the marsh behind a factory. Police is searching for another accused, Vijay.

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The police recovered the mutilated body of the child from the marsh behind a company located in the industrial area, Side B, at the behest of the accused. The family identified the child with clothes, shoes, etc. The police sent the body for autopsy.



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