‘Is the tribe of intruders and Rohingyas also Shandilya?’ Giriraj’s stance on Mamta


New Delhi: The rhetoric in West Bengal elections has begun after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee declared her gotra. Actually, Mamata was addressing a gathering in Nandigram on the last day of campaigning. During this, Mamta said that ‘I visited the temple, where the priest asked my gotra, I said Maa, Mati, Manush. It reminds me of my Tripureswari temple in Tripura, where the priest asked me my gotra and I said, Mati, Manush, in fact, I am Shandilya. ‘

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On this statement of TMC supremo, Union Minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh said, ‘Mamta Banerjee tells me that Rohingya and the group of infiltrators are Shandilya too.’ Giriraj Singh wrote in the tweet, ‘I never had to tell Gautra, I write. But Mamata Banerjee tells Gotra out of fear of losing the election. Mamata Banerjee, now you tell me that Rohingya and the group of infiltrators are also Shandilya. ‘

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Furthermore, he wrote in another tweet, ‘Those who settled Rohingya for votes, Durga / Kali worshipers who insulted Hindus, now descended into gotra fearing defeat. The ‘Shandilya gotra’ is dedicated to Sanatan and the nation, not to vote. Mamta didi, now you have to know if Rohingya and intruders have also got? ‘

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