Is the Holocaust also going to come true, the fury of fire in many parts of the country, now this city is hit


Fires have been reported at several places in the forest of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. It has been learned that fire has erupted in various areas of Khitoli, Magadhi, and Tala areas of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Which has also been confirmed by the management. After receiving the information, the staff of the forest department is engaged in the work of cutting the fire line and the forest staff has also been alerted. According to the information, such incidents of fire usually occur within the forests on summer days, but when there was a fire at this time, it became very difficult to control, and now this fire has also taken a terrible form. started. There have been reports of fire at different places in the last 3 days. As it turns out, the cutting of the fire line has been intensified and the forest

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In investigating the cause of the fire, it has been found that villagers known to pick the mahua in the forest set the fire so that the land is cleared and a falling mahua appears. The mahua is not visible due to it being hidden under the leaves. This is the reason why the leaves are burnt with fire and cleaned in this way. But this fire sometimes erupts and reaches the forest, causing major incidents.

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Precious trees of the forest have been burnt in this arson and animals and birds have also suffered a lot. However, the park management has not confirmed the loss of animals and birds. Wildfire incidents occur almost every year. Apart from the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, the villagers set fire to the forest inside the forest, causing the forest staff to struggle a lot.

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