‘Indian army rapes us’, anti-army poster at Delhi University, ABVP student’s clothes torn


New Delhi: A case of making derogatory remarks on the Indian Army has come to light on the campus of the University of Delhi. To this, the ABVP has also lodged a complaint, registering a strong protest. The organization alleged that the posters were written ‘Indian Army Rape Hamara Hai’ at an event organized by some alumni and outsiders. The ABVP has opposed the event organized without permission.

While all this was going on, Shivangi Khadwal, joint secretary of DU Students Union was passing by. Meanwhile, aggressive slogans were raised by activists of that program. Looking at the posters of the Indian Army, when Shivangi Kharwal asked the organizers about the purpose of the event, in response, the people of the program attacked Shivangi and his associates. After this attack, a bad fight ensued between the student and outsiders. Delhi BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga congratulated Shivangi and said that after seeing these posters, she entered there and threw the poster alone to enter the crowd. In a complaint filed before the Delhi Police, Shivangi said that she was pushed and tore her clothes when she protested against the humiliating posters of the Indian Army. The complaint also accused the Indian Army of being called a ‘rapist’.

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It is being told that the said event was organized by an organization named ‘Bhagat Singh Chhatri Ekta Manch’. The ABVP has also shared a video in which a speaker of the said incident is seen saying, “When the police rape you, the Indian Army rapes you, then people go to court with your complaint.”

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