In a live radio show, the caller started saying abusive words to Prime Minister Modi’s mother


In the BBC Asian Network radio show ‘Big Debate’, the issue of abusing a mother of PM Narendra Modi by a caller has come to the fore. . In fact, in the program broadcast in Britain, a caller called and during the conversation he started abusing PM Narendra Modi’s mother. The debate was based on the issue of racism against Sikhs and Indians in Britain. During this time, a caller made lewd remarks about PM Modi’s mother. A video of this show is being shared on social media.

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People are attacking the BBC and the host for not condemning the caller’s indecent behavior. BJP MLA Kapil Mishra has also tweeted about this program of BBC. Kapil Mishra wrote, ‘The dirty and lewd abuses spoken in the BBC is a crime according to the law and constitution of India. In fact, this program was also related to the ongoing Sikhs and Indians in Britain, in which the farmers of Punjab are the main participants.

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