Hundreds of migratory birds have been killed in the second wave of shadow bird flu in this state


Shimla: Corona has caused panic all over the world and on one hand people are facing another wave of corona, on the other hand birds are also facing another wave of bird flu. A sudden bird flu infection in January is now spreading rapidly. In Himachal Pradesh, a second wave has been confirmed after the death of hundreds of migratory birds. According to officials, more than 100 migratory birds have been killed in the Pong Dam lake in Shimla in the last two weeks.

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The first bird flu cases in the same Pong Dam Lake Wildlife Sanctuary started coming up in January. More than 5,000 birds were killed in a month. It began to fade in February, but a second wave of bird flu is seen in late March. A new stress has also been confirmed in the second wave. Chief Wildlife Warden Archana Sharma said that the samples of the birds killed were sent to the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal, where H5N8 aviation influenza has been confirmed.

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He said that when there was a bird flu outbreak in January, there was no stretch in it. H5N1 was found at that time. However, he also mentioned that both these strains are pathological. He said that the stress found in aviation influenza is very frightening for birds. Especially for chickens. When bird flu started spreading earlier this year, strains of H5N8 were found in many states including Haryana. This stress does not spread in humans. According to Archana Sharma, 99 birds have lost their lives in Pong Dam lake till Tuesday.

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