FIR filed against father accused of raping his mentally weak daughter, mother writes report


In a village in the Ghaghra police station area of ​​Gumla district, the Kalyugi father continued to haunt his own 14-year-old minor daughter. The victim teenager is mentally a little weak. On Saturday, the victim took the teenager with her mother to Ghaghra police station. Where she accused her husband of continuously raping her daughter and demanded action. Police have arrested the accused father. According to the information, before the lock down, the accused used to work with his wife and daughter in a tea garden in Tamil Nadu. At the same time, he started making his daughter a victim of lust. After the lock down, the accused came to his house in Ghaghra police station area.

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On 17 February, when the victim’s mother was working in her house, she heard the sound of utensils falling inside the house. As a result, if she went to see inside the house, then what she saw left her eyes torn. The woman noticed that her husband was misbehaving with her, tying her hands with the daughter. At that time, the accused was drunk. A few days after the incident, the mother took her mother to Gumla with fear of recurrence, and told some people about her problem. People explained to him how long he would run. People deemed him extinguished and asked him to go to the police station. Then his mother reached the Ghaghra police station with the victim. Where he reported the misdeeds of the evil father to the police. Action has been initiated by registering a case against the rapist.

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