BJP accuses Shruti Haasan of serious allegations, know the whole matter


Meanwhile, the BJP blamed Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan for breaking the rules and filed a complaint against her. In Tamil Nadu, the last day assembly election saw polling in 234 seats. Many big stars also cast their votes. Kamkal Haasan, the head of Makkal Nidi Maim, also cast his vote at the Tempet booth in Chennai. He was also accompanied by two daughters Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan.

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After casting his vote, Kamal Haasan, as a candidate, went there to find out the position of the Coimbatore South Assembly. BJP has alleged that Kamal Haasan was with Shruti Haasan at these places and by doing so he has broken the rules. The BJP has complained to the Election Commission, demanding strict action against them. On the previous day, elections were held in 65 seats out of 234 seats in Tamil Nadu. 11 percent voting was recorded. Earlier, after casting his vote, Kamal Haasan said that there is a need to make him aware of the distribution of wealth due to the election and its adverse effect on democracy and the lives of individuals.

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“People need to explain it (money sharing),” Hasan said after the vote. This is the fear of our democracy. Ordinary citizens are accused of distributing money by leaders. This is a vicious cycle and we are trying to fix it. After voting, Kamal Haasan left for Coimbatore from where he is contesting. Kamal Haasan’s alliance in the state is called the Third Front.

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