After Chhattisgarh, now the big planning of Naxalite attack in this area of ​​Bihar, the police demolished the state


In Bihar, the police was on alert after the Naxalite attack on security forces in Chhattisgarh. Under this, a campaign was carried out against the Naxalites by the Jamui Police. On Wednesday, the police found a large number of explosives in the same sequence. Where there is a plan to commit a major crime by the Naxalites.

Jamui SP Pramod Kumar Mandal said that since Wednesday morning, intensive raid operations are being carried out in the forest areas of Bhimbandh. Apart from 207 Cobra Battalions with Jamui Police personnel, 215 Battalions Central Reserve Police Force, and Barhat Police Station Chittaranjan Kumar were also involved in this operation. The SP said that the Naxalites with their high intentions were trying to harm the security forces by ambush and with their lofty intentions were blasting IDs in the forest of Bhimbandh, bordering Jamui and Munger district, but the Jamui police had their Wandered on intentions. His plan failed.

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The SP of Jamui said that Naxalites had placed a large number of IED explosives in the forest of Bhimbandh around Chormara and Bhattakol. He said that the Naxalites were planning to damage the ID of the security forces by throwing them in the ambush area, but due to the vigilance of the security forces, the Naxalite plan failed. The SP said that the security forces brazenly recovered 20 kg anti-handling IED and 30 kg power source command IED, which has been defused by the bomb disposal squad.

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He said that a search operation against Naxalites is going on and on. As the police are informed about the movement of Naxalite squads in several villages in the forest areas of the district, vigilance has increased throughout the district.



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