14-year-old boy molests 6-year-old girl in UP


Lucknow: A shocking case of molestation has been reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Shravasti district. Where a 14-year-old teenager has committed unnatural rape with a 6-year-old innocent girl. After which he escaped from the spot leaving the innocent in a dying state. The villagers reported the innocent being soaked in blood. On Tahrir, the child has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Where his condition remains critical.

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According to the information received, a 14-year-old teenager raped an unnatural child in the Laxmanpur Gangapur village of Malipur area of ​​Shravasti district. When the innocent child was breaking mustard greens in the field with his mother. Meanwhile, a 14-year-old teenager who arrived at the scene dragged the innocent to the farm by luring him with a biscuit and carried out an abusive incident with him.

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The villagers informed the family about the child being soaked in blood. Upon which the family members hurriedly admitted the innocent child to the hospital for treatment. Where his condition is critical. In this case, the Additional Superintendent of Police has taken stock of the spot, as well as the local police has registered a case under 377, taking custody and started the advance action.

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