Young man firing nonstop, video went viral on social media

Meerut: Many things have been going viral on social media for some time, after seeing this, the general public is surprised at times, while recently the video of a young man firing in Meerut has been seen on social media on Monday. Has started going viral. It is being said that the said young man is Vishal, who is a resident of an outside village. He is preparing to contest the block chief.

The viral video shows a large bafar firing bullets from various weapons. The video has also reached the police officers. Police has started its investigation. It is learned that Vishal is preparing to contest the block chief. He has also been a student leader of Meerut College.



According to the information received, when and where is the video, whose action is being taken. SP City has said that the young man who was firing will be arrested soon. Police has gathered in search of him. It is also being said that the name of Bhupendra Bafar’s close friend has also surfaced regarding this video. Because Bhupendra Bafar is also a resident of Bafar village of Jani police station area. However, Bhupendra has nothing to do with this video in the police investigation.




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