Worship the Sun God on Sunday, this way you will benefit


Lifestyle. Sunday is dedicated to the worship of Sun God. If you have many desires and desires in your mind, then you can fast on Sunday. The fast of Sun God is considered to be the best, because this fast gives happiness and peace.

In the mythological religious texts, the special significance of the arghyadana of Lord Surya is mentioned. Every morning, in the morning, taking water in a copper lotus and putting red flowers, rice in it and chanting the Surya Mantra with a happy heart, you should offer arghya to the Sun God. Lord Surya is pleased with this arghyadan, giving age, health, wealth, grain, son, friend, glory, fame, knowledge, wealth and good fortune.

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Follow these rules in sun worship
– Everyday before sunrise, it should be purified and done with bath.
– After bathing, offer prayers to Suryanarayana thrice.
– In the evening, once again offer prayers to the Sun.
– Chant the mantras of the Sun in reverence.
– Do regular recitation of Aditya Hriday.
Wishing health benefits, to avoid eye disease and to protect from blindness, ‘Netropanishad’ should be recited daily.
– Oil, salt should not be eaten on Sunday and should be eaten at the same time.

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