When fanatics erupted on Rihanna in the name of Islam, old ties with controversies

Rihanna, who made her debut on the front page of the list of songs, has traveled from a pop singer to a global figure about whom people of India today are not tired of talking or want to know more. Rihanna’s songs make the youngsters of the wealthy living in cities tremble, let’s know about Rihanna today.

Rihanna, born in Barbados, has made headlines in the international world by tweeting in support of the ongoing farmer movement in India. This American singer has raised many questions in people’s minds. 33-year-old Rihanna, one of the biggest names in the world of pop singing, tweeted on Tuesday night with a CNN news story about shutting down the Internet on the Delhi border, “Why aren’t we talking about it?” Hashtag farmer movement. ”

Earlier, Rihanna has been vocal on issues such as LGBT rights and racism. She is the fourth most followed person on Twitter after former US presidents Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. His tweet on India’s farmers movement was retweeted and liked by thousands. After this many other famous and big celebrities started tweeting in support of the movement.



After this, there was a discussion about Rihanna in India and the Foreign Ministry registered a strong response to the controversy arising out of the tweet. He also criticized the military coup in Myanmar, India’s neighboring country, the day he tweeted in support of the peasant movement. Rihanna tweeted with a post by Human Rights Watch, “Praying for Myanmar.”




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