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What happened at the end of Sridevi’s death? Husband Boney Kapoor told everything

Sridevi, who was called Bollywood’s first female superstar, bid farewell to this world on 24 February 2018. Sridevi died by drowning in a Dubai hotel room bathtub. Everyone was surprised by Sridevi’s death and wanted to know what had happened that night. Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor spoke to her friend trade analyst Komal Nahata about her whole night. On the other hand, Komal Nahata published her conversation with Boney Kapoor on her blog and shared it on Twitter.

Sridevi reached Dubai for marriage
Recall that Boney, Sridevi and Khushi arrived in Dubai for a family wedding ceremony which concluded on 20 February. Boney had a meeting in Lucknow, for which he returned to India. Sridevi had decided to stay in Dubai as she had to go shopping for Jahnavi. Nahata wrote, “Jahnavi’s shopping list was on Sridevi’s phone, but she could not go shopping on 21 February as her phone was missed in Ras-al-Khaimah. Most of the day she spent her time in her hotel room Spent. ”

Boney and Sridevi spoke on the morning of 24 February
Boney told Nahata, “I spoke to Sridevi on the morning of 24 February, when she told me, ‘Papa (this is what Sridevi used to call Boney), I am missing you.’ But I did not tell them that I am coming to Dubai to meet them in the evening. Jahnavi also wanted me to come to Dubai because she was afraid that her mother, who was not used to being alone, could lose her passport or any important documents. “Bonnie gave surprise
Nahata wrote that Boney had surprised Sridevi by reaching Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. Boney opened Sridevi’s room with a duplicate key from the hotel. Nahata was quoted as saying to Bonnie, “Both of them hug like teenage lovers.” According to Nahata, Bonnie had bluntly told him, “He (Sridevi) told me that he had an idea that I could come to Dubai to meet him. Am. ” The two hugged, kissed and talked for about half an hour. After this, Bonnie went to be fresh, coming out of the bathroom and proposed that the two should go on a romantic dinner. He requested Sridevi to cancel shopping the next day. The return ticket was to be changed again as both had now decided to return to India on the night of 25th. 25 could get a lot of time during the day for shopping. Sridevi was still in a mood to relax. She went to Bath to get ready for a romantic dinner.

Sridevi went to bathe and get ready
Boney had told Nahata, “I walked into the living room while Sridevi went to the master bathroom to bathe and get ready.” In the living room, Boney started changing TV channels to get updates of cricket matches of South Africa and India, then he started watching highlights of a match of Pakistan Super League. They watched the match for 15-20 minutes, but then began to worry that all the restaurants would be crowded on Saturday. Then it would be around eight o’clock, so Bonnie gave Sridevi the voice from the living room, she called Sridevi twice, then she slowed down the TV, then there was no response, then he went to bedroom, bathroom. Knocked on the door and then called them. Hearing the water tap open from inside, he then gave a voice saying “Jaan, Jaan”.

Sridevi was immersed in the bathtub
Nahata had further told that when no answer came from Sridevi, Boney got nervous and opened the door by pushing. The door was not locked from the inside, Bonnie was a little nervous but he was still not ready for the scene that was going to come before his eyes. The bathtub was filled with water and Sridevi was completely immersed in it, from head to thumb. He quickly reached them but there was no movement in Sridevi’s body. Nahta finally wrote, “Nobody was ready for what happened. She drowned first, then fainted or fainted first, then drowned, probably no one would know. Not a little water fell from the bathtub. Was. Sridevi might not have had time to struggle even for a minute, because if she had drowned her hands and feet, some water would have been out of the tub, but there was absolutely no water on the floor. ”


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