Whale leaves bubbles in floating water, video is very attractive

The whale is considered one of the largest creatures in the world. Its size is huge and that is why people are eager to see them. Although many species of whales are found worldwide, blue whales are considered the most important. The Blue Whale is considered the largest animal in size. It is many times larger than an elephant. Funny videos of whales go viral on social media. A different type of video of whales is also going viral.

BBC Earth shared this video on their Instagram page. The whale is seen in a different way in this video. In this viral video, the whale is blowing bubbles in a very unique way. The viewers of this video are blowing their senses. The whale is said to have originated 50 million years ago and can grow up to 30 meters long and weigh up to 180 tons.



An interesting thing associated with this is that no whale can breathe in water. It is said to have a hole on its head and when it comes out of the water, it breathes with the help of a hole. It is found in the sea itself. However, the ocean is a storehouse of infinite biodiversity.




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