Uday Singh of Madhya Pradesh makes Madhuri Dixit emotional, you will also be shocked after seeing the performance

Colors TV’s dance reality show Dance Deewane 3 show is going to hit the television screens soon. A video of Dance Deewane shared by the channel is going viral. The video of a Tittock star named Udaya is touching the hearts of people as well as making the audience emotional by watching this video. After watching his Teatalk video, the team at Dance Deewane invited him to audition for the reality show.

In the promos shared by the channel, Uday speaks in front of everyone on stage, ‘I am a tribal and I work as a laborer and nurture my family. People do not have the right to dream in our slums. Uday, who lives in the tribal community of Madhya Pradesh, lives in poverty with his family. Challenging the difficult circumstances of his life, this tribal boy has reached this stage of dance. Uday gets emotional remembering himself in the video.



Seeing Uday crying like this, the show’s judge Dharmesh Yelande supports him and advises him to do well. The three judges were stunned by the way Dancer Uday performed on the stage wiping their tears. The judges of the show Madhuri Dixit and Dharmesh Yelde were seen giving a standing ovation for this tremendous dance. Madhuri gets emotional after listening to Uday’s sad story in the promo. He brought his mother to dance on the stage of Nritya Deewana.




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