Twitter user asked Shahrukh Khan – why it takes late in the bathroom, got a funny answer


Shah Rukh Khan is also known for his good acting and his physical presence. His amazing sense of humor has appeared in many award functions and interviews. Shahrukh hosted the AskSRK session on Twitter on Wednesday. In this, the fans asked him funny questions and King Khan gave the same interesting answers.

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Why does the user spend time in the bathroom

Followers asked questions ranging from Shahrukh’s films to his undergarments. Shahrukh also replied to the fans. A user asked Shahrukh, why do you spend so much time in the bathroom… what do you have to do there. Shah Rukh replied, I will send you the video. Your curiosity and urge to learn is touching.

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Shahrukh told friends
At the same time, another Twitter user asked the color of his underwear, to which Shah Rukh replied, I do AskSRK for such classy and edutectate questions. Shahrukh described his children as his friends and also gave answers on the upcoming project.



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