Twitter removed many tweets of Kangana Ranaut, told why the actress has taken big action

Twitter has taken action on many tweets of actress Kangana Ranaut and removed them from her platform. A statement has also been issued by Twitter on taking action against Kangana Ranaut. A Twitter spokesperson said on the action against Kangana, “We have taken action against tweets that violate our set policies.” Currently, it is written in place of the tweets that have been removed by Twitter – this tweet is no longer available because it violated Twitter rules.

Kangana Ranaut had made several tweets against American pop singer Rihanna. Apart from this, there were strong changes on his behalf as well. Twitter has objected to some of these tweets and removed them from its platform. Earlier, action was taken on Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account. In response, Kangana Ranaut said that she will not back down and will be seen in the new nationalist version through her films. Kangana Ranaut has been in the news for speaking out loudly on the matter ranging from the farmer movement to the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.



In the same way, there are many more.




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