Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tourists were roaming in an open car, after seeing what happened then you will also be surprised.

If you are wandering somewhere and a lion comes in front of you, then surely your fear will die. Recently, the social media video went viral, after which everyone is surprised. Because in this video when a lion comes across some people, they are not afraid but very happy. Where this video has raised everyone’s senses. Also, social media users are very fond of this video.

This video has been shared by Naji Al Takim from his Twitter account. It is clear in this video that some people are walking in an open car in a jungle safari. That’s when they see a lion with a wall. On seeing the lion, the driver stopped the car and after that the lion woke up and started going towards the tourist. Where it is learned that in a few moments he reaches the car and first hugs the driver. Meanwhile, other tourists sitting in the car try to touch the lion and take pictures of him. During this time, the lion takes spectacular pictures and meets the tourist. All the tourists are very happy to see the lion near them, and then the lion enters the car and stands on the driver’s seat.



Here, even after a second, the train runs late, authorities apologize to the passengers: according to the information received, the driver swung his hand over his head and began to push him to remove him from his seat. After which the lion gets off the car. But once again he gets in the car and hugs the tourists. Meanwhile, all the tourists hug her and have fun with her without any fear. During this time the lion can also be seen hugging a female tourist, he clings to the woman like a child and sits comfortably in the car.




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