This famous Punjabi star called Akshay Kumar a ‘fake king’

These days people are resorting to Twitter to talk about the peasant movement in India. In this order, American singer Rihanna, actress Mia Khalifa and social activist Greta Thunberg. All of them have also tweeted about the peasant movement. After this tweet, the entire Bollywood gathered on social media to reply to him. All the stars tweeted talking of national unity. This list included Akshay Kumar to Ajay Devgan, Lata Mangeshkar.

Now recently, Punjabi Jazzy B has given her response to Akshay Kumar’s tweet. He has called Akshay a fake king. Actually, Akshay Kumar wrote a tweet recently- ‘Farmers are a very important part of the country. Every effort is being made to address their issues, and this is visible. We should support an amicable solution, not paying attention to what is being shared. ‘

Responding to his tweet, Jazzy B commented and wrote, ‘Wow, wow, brother, now you are tweeting! Farmers have been organizing a peaceful movement for two months when a tweet did not come from you, and now you are calling it propaganda. Oh, you cannot be a lion because a king is a king because the real king is sitting on a dharna! Fake King Akshay Kumar! Seeing this tweet, Jaiji is not happy with Akshay’s tweet and did not like his style. Jazzy B is constantly in support of farmers and is tweeting and posting.




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