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These tricks related to lemon are adopted for success in life

Many people who believe in Hinduism believe in totak. On the basis of these tricks, it is claimed that a solution to your infallible problem can be found out. However, many people do not believe in these tricks. In the midst of all this, today we will tell you about some tricks related to lemons. Some of these tricks are adopted to achieve success in life. In addition, some tricks are used as a solution to other problems. You must have seen lemon and green chillies tied in a string and hung at the door of home or shop. But do you know why this is done? Let me tell you that this is a piece of lemon, which protects the house and the shop from getting a bad eye. This leads to prosperity in the home and business growth.

Lemon tricks are also used to avoid Vastu dosha. Explain that if there is a Vaastu defect, happiness goes away from home. The money coming into the house does not stay long. With this, there is no success in starting new works. In this case, you should rotate four corners of a lemon seven times. After this, this lemon should be thrown open and thrown in all four directions. It is said that this trick removes the architectural defects of the house.



Lemon juice is also used to achieve success in tasks. For this you should take a lemon and a few cloves of cloves to Hanuman temple. After this, squeeze the lemon juice on the cloves. Now offer this clove at the feet of Hanuman with reverence. It is said that by doing this Hanuman ji is pleased and showers his blessings on him.




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