These pictures went viral after Sandeep Nahar’s suicide

Mumbai. ‘M / s. The news of the suicide of actor Sandeep Nahar, who is seen as ‘Param Bhaiya’ of Sushant Singh Rajput in the film ‘Dhoni’, has shocked his people. Now people are waiting for some more revelations after police investigation. Meanwhile, an old video has surfaced of him, in which he is introducing his vivacity. Sandeep’s fans are surprised to hear the reason behind committing suicide. He had said that he is very unhappy with mental instability, domestic dispute with his wife and his professional life. Meanwhile, an old video of Sandeep’s Instagram has started going viral. This video was shared in December 2020. In this, he is seen saying that a human being should be happy in every situation.

Nahar said that troubles occur in everyone’s life. But the above one should thank what we have given. Hearing Sandeep’s thoughts, it is hard to believe that he will ever commit suicide himself. Fans are remembering him even more through this video. In fact, in this video, some laborers are working on the 16th floor without any security hanging. Sandeep talks to them and asks do you feel scared? The workers respond to them saying that this is our life. After this, Sandeep tells that for this hard work, the laborers get only 8 thousand rupees for 2 days, which is distributed among 10 people. But he is happy with his life. We should also take inspiration from them no matter what the situation may be, but be happy and thank God.



After this, Sandeep is also seen making tea-snacks for those laborers. Now this video is becoming increasingly viral and is being watched a lot. People are still not able to believe that Sandeep, who has such strong thoughts, is committing suicide. Please tell that on February 15, Sandeep committed suicide by hanging himself at his house. Earlier, the actor shared a post on Facebook, in which he made serious allegations against his wife. After which the Mumbai Police has registered a case against Sandeep’s wife Kanchan and his mother-in-law.




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