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These islands of Maldives will thrill you

Maldives is one of the many places in the country known for its beautiful islands. Let’s know about these beautiful islands

Mbudhu Finohlu Island: One of the best attractions about this island is the arrangement of water villas in the shape of a flower bud. A small rubber banking can help you see this beautiful scene as soon as you get into the sea. Mbudhu Finohlu Island has about 55 underwater villas, including the magnificent Taj Resort.

Mihiri Island: The resort located in Mihiri Island is probably built for those who absolutely love the serene atmosphere as no television set is provided. The Mihiri Island Resort offers excellent rooms that are ideal for Adam and Eve spa treatments as well as honey and honeymoon.



Burrows Island: This island is a place that is far away from the crowds. These islands are the most famous islands of the Maldives. Along with sun-kissed beaches and boutique luxury resorts, the island is famous for natural beauty and beautiful corals. Baros has several underwater villas as well as island resorts that offer luxury facilities, as well as some restaurants and bars.

Como Coco Island: Cocoa, the island nation of Maldives, is one of the most sought-after destinations in Cocoa. It has a large number of resorts and the best part of it is the presence of water villas. Como Coco Island has about 33 water villas, each with only the best facilities.




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