Monday, March 1, 2021

These 4 beautiful places of Morocco will give you unforgettable experience

Today we have brought you information about the beautiful places of Morocco located in North Africa. If you are planning to go somewhere, then let us tell you where you can roam. So let’s know about the famous tourist destinations of Morocco, where people come from far and wide.

1) Charan Nagar: This city of Morocco is very famous. Apart from being beautiful, it is also very old. Some of the historical buildings here are of the eighth century. Apart from this, this country is also known by the country of festivals. Every year some festival is celebrated here.



2) Meknes: This city is famous worldwide for its architecture. Earlier it was also the capital of this country. Apart from the Royal Palace, there are many other historical places here.

3) High Atlas: This place is situated on very high mountains, hence it is also known as Pahar Pahad. This place is very good for trekking enthusiasts.

4) Essouira: It is the most famous tourist destination in Morocco. The US TV series has also been shot at this location.




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