There is always the grace of Mother Lakshmi in such homes, there is never a shortage of money!

According to the belief, mother Lakshmi showers grace in her house, whose house is clean. In such houses, Goddess Lakshmi is always with her, so according to the experts of religion and astrology, every person should keep cleaning their house and shop for the happiness, prosperity and peace of their house and the broken, old, Things should be taken out so that Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, resides in the house and the financial condition of the house is better, because mother Lakshmi loves cleanliness. It is believed that Maa Lakshmi does not live in those houses where there are dirt and inauspicious things.

1. One should not worship a fragmented idol or picture of a deity. To remove the misfortune, before Diwali, take such photos and idols to a holy place and press them.

2. It is inauspicious to keep broken furniture in the house or shop, it is said that due to broken furniture in the house, negative energy is inhabited.

3. Clean the roof of the house from time to time and remove any previously unused garbage or unused items from the house.


4. Use of broken utensils is considered inauspicious, it is believed that the use of broken utensils does not save money. In such a situation, in the cleaning of Diwali, remove the broken utensils outside the house.

5. Old shoes and slippers lying in the house cause negative energy in the house, so throw away the old shoes and slippers in the house during the cleaning of Diwali.

6. Do not put a bad or closed clock in the house, according to Vastu Shastra, a closed clock hinders progress.

7. If a broken mirror is placed in any corner of your house or if there are broken glass in your window, then immediately get it out of the house and replace it with a new mirror. It is considered inauspicious to keep a broken glass at home.




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