The video of a cute child getting a haircut has come again

Nowadays, many videos are increasingly viral on social media. Now a video is also going viral at this time which you can watch. The video has rocked the entire social media. Earlier, there was another video which was of the same child. Now the new video of the child is overlapped. Actually, this is from the video parlor where the video of a child who has come for cutting is becoming increasingly viral on the internet.

You can see that in this video the child is saying, ‘He does not look good to make his bite’. Meanwhile, the child also talks to the barber about the tiger and threatens to prick the nails. You can watch this video as it progresses, the child starts having fun and talking. In this video, the child tells Barber, “Do not cut the hair above my head at all because if you cut them I will become a spectacle.”



Now after watching this video, everyone is liking this unique style of the child. Anyone watching this video is commenting that the child has won the heart. This video is making a splash in the social media world. People have started reacting to this as soon as it is posted. If you remember, there was a video of the same child that everyone liked.




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