The dance of the elderly couple rocked the internet, you will keep watching videos

In the internet world, many videos are viral which are excellent. Recently a video is going viral which is very cute. This video has won everyone’s heart. The video shows an elderly couple dancing to a great song from the 90s. If you feel so good just by listening, then think how good it will be to see. This dance video is currently settled in everyone’s heart. This video is of a cafe in Kolkata.

In this video, an elderly couple danced to the song ‘Woh Chali Woh Chali …’, which surprised people. This video has been shared on social media by Instagram user @thebohobalika. While sharing this video, he wrote in the caption, ‘There was something else in @hrckolkata last night. The band played a 90s indie-pop song that brought me alive through my school life. Booze and nostalgia is a deadly combo and when the company is great vibe bifold. The couple were the parents of the Grooving lead singer; I envy this man. HRC has never felt such soft cheers for sari, dancing Kolkata women. # cityofjoy @ thegrooverzindia you were great! ‘



Everyone is giving love to this video. Watching this video has spread on the Internet. At the moment, most of those who are watching this video are busy expressing their happiness by commenting on it. Many say he never saw the best video.




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